Google Ads/Paid Search Course Curriculum

All course materials as well as bonus material is relevant to the Google Ads Course for media planner, sales professionals, agency owners, and brand managers.

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    Google Ads Sales Training Course

    • Module 1: Course Intro

    • Module 2: Introduction To Paid Search

    • Module 3 - Types Of Ads Delivered

    • Module 4 - How To Develop A Paid Search Strategy

    • Module 5: The Google Keyword Planner

    • Module 6: Paid Search Campaign Structures

    • Module 7: Key Metrics To Measure Performance

    • Module 8: Next Steps For Developing Campaigns

    • Module 9: Reporting & Analytics In Paid Search

    • Module 10: Levers We Pull To Improve Performance

    • Module 11: Pricing & Cost Structure For Paid Search

    • Module 12: Google Ads Paid Search Audit

    • Module 13: Call Tracking & Lead Reporting

    • Module 14: Omnichannel Site Retargeting

    • Module 15a: Google Ads Insertion Order Template

    • Module 15b: Google Ads Insertion Order Template

    • Module 16: Sneak Peak Of Google Ads Platform (Live Case Study)

    • Module 17: Selling Google Ads & Paid Search

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    Bonus Videos & Material

Sample Course Preview - Conducting Keyword Research

Here is a preview to the Google Ads Media Planning Course

Bonus Material Part Of The Course

  • Creative Ad Matrix For Developing Omnichannel Advertising Campaigns

    See how we internally at Propellant Media leverage our own creative ad matrix to create campaigns that include Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Programmatic, OTT Advertising and more.

  • Google Ads/Paid Search Campaign Launch/Optimization Checklist

    If you are developing campaigns in Google Ads or Bing Ads, these are the most vital components in developing effective campaigns as well as optimizing your campaigns. Consider this an overall checklist for both campaign set up and optimizations.

  • Omnichannel Advertising Guide

    Download our guide to effective omnichannel digital advertising and how to launch multi media plans and manage them effectively.